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Carbon Black Dispersions for Paper

Product SheetSolution DispersionsĀ® provides a variety of carbon black dispersions to fit the needs of the paper industry. Our carbon black dispersions range in applications from pigments for picture matting, tissue paper, automotive gaskets, roofing felt, gift boxes, furniture applications and more. Solution Dispersions can also create custom carbon black dispersions to color any specialty paper need. FDA-compliant, conductiveresistant, and low-pH carbon black dispersions are also available.

Aquablak® 5203 Blue tone, tinting black. Anionic
Aquablak® 5106 Nonionic, general purpose. Nonionic
Aquablak® 5292 Conductive black. Anionic
Aquablak® 5256 Jet black, red shade. Blend
Aquablak® 5109 High density, better retention. Nonionic

Product shelf life: Six months when stored properly. Do not allow product to freeze. Do not store product in direct sunlight or heat.