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Carbon Black Dispersions for Paints and Coatings

Product SheetSolution Dispersions® provides a wide variety of off-the-shelf carbon black dispersions formulated for the paint and coatings industries. Our products range from a general-purpose anionic black-to-medium color with strong tint, to high-color automotive quality. Several of our popular dispersions, selected from our comprehensive line of standard dispersions are shown below.

Aquablak® 5195 Medium color, strong tinting black. Blend
Aquablak® 5106 General purpose, nonionic. Nonionic
Aquablak® 135 High color. Blend
Aquablak® 5132 High color, resinated. Nonionic
Aquablak® 5256 Excellent color and opacity. Blend
Aquablak® 7984 General Purpose Blend

Product shelf life: Six months when stored properly. Do not allow product to freeze. Do not store product in direct sunlight or heat.