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Carbon Black Dispersions for High-End Graphic Arts

Product SheetThe Aquablak+ 9100 series from Solution Dispersions® are high-solids, resinated dispersions designed to allow the ink manufacturer with maximum formulating capabilities by providing the highest tintorial strength. These high-end dispersions are suitable for flexible packaging and tag/label ink systems. In addition to carbon black dispersions for high-end graphic arts, we provide dispersions for a wide variety of other industries...so no matter what industry you are in, Solution Dispersions has the right product for you - if we don’t have it on the shelf, we can formulate it.

Aquablak Plus
Aquablak® Plus 9125 A viscous black for various tag and label applications.  Let down into stable, high strength inks.
Aquablak® Plus 9127 A workhorse, high strength black designed for various substrates.
Aquablak® Plus 9149 A high strength black for film applications yielding excellent jetness and gloss.
Aquablak® Plus 9153 A unique black with high jetness and resistance properties.
Aquablak® Plus 9188 A browner toned black yielding extreme jetness and gloss and better resistance properties.

Product shelf life: Six months when stored properly. Do not allow product to freeze. Do not store product in direct sunlight or heat.